Single Seat Lounge Cover

$2.50 + GST

To be placed over a lounge chair to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length 1950mm
  • Width 1600mm
  • Thickness 30Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


Lounge chairs are usually expensive, and hence it becomes necessary to provide them optimum amount of protection at the time of shifting them from one location to the other. Even if you simply want to store these chairs for a while, you must cover them properly, so that the dust particles do not mar down the aesthetic appeal of the same. In this case, you can completely rely on our Single Seater Couch Cover.

The couch cover we have at Prestige Moving is made from thick quality plastic (30Um), which is enough to keep your lounge chairs absolutely clean and tidy. Plus, the cover can also protect the chairs from scratches and other marks when it comes to transporting them. So, check them out!