King Mattress Cover

$12.50 + GST

To be placed over a king mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length 2550mm
  • Width 1850mm
  • Height 350mm
  • Thickness 60Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


King size mattresses are certainly quite bulky, and when it comes to transporting them to far places. At the time of loading or unloading them from the truck, special care needs to be taken to make sure no damage is caused to them. This is the reason why king mattress cover proves to be really effective and useful. The cover we have at Prestige Moving has been made with the purpose of providing optimum level of protection to your expensive mattress.

The plastic used for making this highly affordable cover is of 60Um, and the size is enough to cover a king size mattress. The length and width of this mattress cover is 2550mm and 1850mm, whereas 350mm is the height.