Tape Dispenser

$19.95 + GST

One handed use – comfort grip handle

• Safety feature – red hat blade cover
• Static cling strip will retain the tape in the upright position



The process of storing item and packing them inside cartons or other storage solutions can be quite time consuming. Plus, it does take a lot of effort. But, there are few things that can add a lot of convenience to the process of packing the cartons, and the Tape Dispenser is one of them. Offering a comfortable grip handle, the tape dispenser we have at Prestige Moving can really make the task of sealing cartons effortless for you.

You can use this equipment with just one hand, without worrying about the safety aspect, because it comes with a red hat blade cover. The use of static cling strip in this equipment keeps the adhesive tape in the upright position. You will surely like it.