3 Seater Lounge Cover

$5.00 + GST

To be placed over a 3 seater couch to protect it when either in transit or storage

  • Length 3050mm
  • Width 1820mm
  • Thickness 30Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


The three seater couch used in the lounge can be quite heavy and costly too, and therefore we need to take good care of them. If you are planning to shift your lounge to somewhere else, or simply want to store your three seater lounge couch in a safe manner then you must take a look at our 3 seater lounge cover.

The length and width of each cover is 3050mm and 1820mm respectively; whereas, the thickness of the plastic used for this product is 30Um, which is no doubt tough enough. We at Prestige Moving provide the best quality couch covers so that you do not have to incur loss at the time of getting these expensive furniture items transported. So, go for it!