Should you Sell it or Store it?

Unless you’ve actively worked to keep your possessions at a bare minimum, you’ve probably got a lot more articles than you think. This is never more apparent than when we’re trying to pack for a move. It seems like you can fill an entire room with boxes and you’ve hardly made a dent in the [...]

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What to consider when choosing a neighborhood to move to

You would like to move to a new home, but the question is, where? You would like to live in a neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle as well as what you are looking for in a place to live. Finding a great home for sale is one thing, but the area around your home [...]

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Moving Safety

Between packing, driving, and finally moving there are many different pitfalls you can run into. The key is to anticipate the worst-case scenarios, and to prepare for them as best as possible. Unfortunately, moving isn’t always the easiest undertaking. It requires a huge amount of planning, and many people overlook little things. As soon as [...]

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Understanding what Professional Removalists can and can’t do

Trying to plan, coordinate, and execute a move of any kind can be an extremely overwhelming thought. Even the most perfectly planned moves can go horribly wrong very quickly. This is why many people rely on the services of professional removalists. A removalist company can come into your home, pack things up, put them in [...]

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How to prepare for moving a heavy piano

Transportation of a piano is the ultimate moving challenge. If you are still in possession of a grand piano, consider yourself unfortunate that you need to take this enormous heirloom out of your old home and into your new one. If you have help, knowledge, and/or experience, which includes movers in Melbourne, reliable friends, safe [...]

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Moving horror stories that professionals could have avoided

There are times when a lack of preparedness and planning leads to absolutely disastrous moving results. Moving isn’t a particularly fun time for anyone. It involves a great deal of stress, and often sentimental fears. People are sometimes leaving one home and moving into another one. This entire experience is often compounded when it involves [...]

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Strategies for moving huge objects through small spaces

Anyone who’s ever gone through the process of moving from one place to another understands that there are some objects that are much more difficult to move than others. This may include things that are extremely large, or simply odd in shape. Even things that are too wide can prove to be almost impossible to [...]

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Moving Insurance Basics

Moving is a process definitely made easier with professional Intervention. When you’re finding really good moving companies, they’re going to offer you a wide range of different Services. You want to make sure that they have exactly what you need, and that they’re very experienced moving the kinds of things that you need moved. Whether [...]

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Commonly Used Moving Equipment

Furniture removalists are actually required to do a great deal more work than people give them credit for. They’re often tasked with packing, labeling, and moving all of your personal possessions from point A to point B. Many of these companies will also be expected to have a certain level of accreditation. You want to [...]

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Services Provided by Local Movers

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, it can be just as much of a pain. Few people look forward to having to pack and move their homes and offices. As exciting as it is to have a new location to go to, the moving process can often take away from this [...]

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