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Our customers can’t stop talking about the calibre of service Prestige Moving works to provide on every job.

Prestige Moving is the best removalist service I’ve ever used. I didn’t have to lift a finger during the entire process, as they took care of everything from wrapping to loading, and when they were done everything was in its proper place. xcellent company. When it comes time to move again, I know who I’ll be calling.

Thank you Prestige Moving.

Heather M

I just had to let you know how impressed I was with the performance of your removalist team. I have a faux-marble sculpture in my living room which I actually lost sleep thinking about before the move, but Prestige was ready with the perfect packing materials and my priceless piece is in perfect condition. Thanks Prestige!

Joseph G

The move to Brisbane was a hassle that took a toll on the whole family…but it was nothing to do with Prestige Moving. With 3 children and a long ride in a small car to look forward to, it was nice to at least have peace of mind on the success of our household transport. Thanks to the Prestige Moving staff for giving our family one less worry on moving day.

Jim Richards

When my wife came home to our new house and saw everything in the perfect place, she just assumed I had taken hours out of my day to set everything up. I didn’t tell her that the Prestige team had done practically all the work, so I thought I’d recognize their contributions in this email. Thanks so much, cheers!

Brian Daniels

Hi Terry,

You were an amazing help on our move to Albert Park last month. My husband’s injury made it all but impossible for him to move heavy items with our move fast approaching, but you and your staff made things so easy for us. The professionalism of the removalist team really stood out, and they made sure to protect our valuable antiques before loading them. They even let us review the placement of our furniture in our new home before leaving! I’d enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone I know, thanks again!

Kimberly and Thomas R

Hi Terry,

I had to send you an email to let you know what a great job your guys James and Chris are doing to represent your company. They were friendly from the time they showed up and had our entire house ready to depart in no time flat. I had an excellent experience working with your team, if only every business could be more like yours!

 Carla Wake

It’s not often you send a thank you letter to a company, but your team deserves it. I was moving out of a third floor apartment with lots of heavy furniture, but the Prestige staff had it handled in no time. They packed and wrapped my goods carefully before loading them up, and took great care to unload them without damage when we got to my new place. Thanks so much for going the extra mile to go a great job!

Vanessa Bridges

Dear Prestige,

A thousand thanks to your helpful staff for making our move to Adelaide easier than I ever could have expected! The staff was extremely careful with all of our stuff, and everything we packed arrived to our new home in perfect condition. Couldn’t ask for much more out of a removalist service, I appreciate what you do so much!

Dean Geary

Simply the best!

Stephen Ralero

Not only were the guys from Prestige at our doorstep 15 minutes early, they took the time to understand exactly what we wanted moved and where we wanted it to go before they even started loading the truck. Both guys worked pretty much all day to make sure our furniture was loaded safely, and with almost two full trucks of stuff to haul, they certainly earned both their pay cheques and my praise. Keep up the great work, Prestige…I’ll be sure to recommend you to any friends who need a removalist service!

Marc Tolley

Dear Prestige,

My friend told me to use you guys for my company’s relocation, and I’m happy to say her faith was well placed. Every pen in the office made it to the facility safe and sound, and they were so efficient everything was ready for business by the time my employees showed up Monday! Can’t give a much better review than that.

Geoff Strange

Hi Terry,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the job your staff did helping me move out of my apartment. They made sure all of my concerns were addressed before hitting the road and not even I am as careful with my things as they were…top notch work all around.

Evan Mitchell

Dear Terry and team,

I just had to give my biggest thanks to Jim and Wes, the team who handled my move on Friday. My family has gone through many relocations in the past few years, and I’ve had a lot of nightmare stories with furniture damage and even lost items. What a breath of fresh air to deal with a removalist company powered by true pros like Jim and Wes, who were able to quickly load all my furniture onto the truck despite the unconventional layout of my old house. They were also very friendly the whole time, and I just can’t say enough about how great they were. I don’t plan to move any time soon, but I’ll definitely remember Prestige Moving whenever I do!

Marcia Dunleavy